HDPE Woven Tarpaulin Fabric

We are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of HDPE Tarpaulin available in different colours durability, thickness, light weight structures and size according to customer specification. These tarpaulin are widely used in various areas like transportation, chemicals, sugar, and industry. Textile Inds/Spinning mills, Shipping, Steel plants, Agriculture, Tent house and various propose. These tarpaulinare manufacturer from heavy duty plastic sheet reinforced hems providing strength, longer life.

The tarpaulin fabric is available in various width, giving an option to the minimum waste creation for different application. i.e. to make scooter covers our range or fabric in the width of 6 feet is suggested as optimum. Further, fabric is also available in 8 feet and 12 feet.

Keeping in mind our large customer base we have developed capability to manufacture tarpaulin ranging from 68 GSM upto 500 GSM.

On customer’s demand we can customize the features of tarpaulin on various aspects very cost-effectively as we hold full in-house manufacturing facility. Features which can be customized are Tape deniers and strength, fabric mesh, width and thickness of the final product etc.


One of the most attractive features of HDPE/LDPE tarpaulin compared to cotton Tarpaulins, HDPE/LDPE Tarpaulin is far more economical and it is also available in an attractive range colors and quality and also our Heavy Duty range tarpaulins which are around 200 GSM are also as durable as canvas tarpaulins.

Eco-Friendly HDPE Tarpaulin Fabric is available in conventional sizes.


Benefits of HDPE Tarpaulin Fabric:

  • Strong, breathable and durable.
  • Water and UV-resistant, good weather ability.
  • High tensile strength and do not cause any adverse environmental affects.
  • Designed for extreme outdoor use.
  • Good flexibility, excellent tensile strength and tear strength.
  • Economical, easy to transport and sustain long time for good performance.
  • Excellent choice for the truck tarp industry.


Applications of HDPE Woven Tarpaulin

  • Recommended Applications of Tarpaulin Fabric are in,
  • Construction Tarpaulin enclosures.
  • Mesh and fencing.
  • As a Chemical-resistant covering.
  • Transportation Uses.
  • Children's recreational attractions.
  • Covers for oil wells and mining drill holes.
  • Automotive insect screen.
  • Filters