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Our Certifications & Awards


The trust and confidence of our customers is the most important recognition of the work that JPS does. We set out to earn those every day by delivering on our Consider It Done Commitment and providing the best overall value and return on investment in every project. And we’re proud to share the following testaments to the success of our efforts:

 ISO 9001: 2008 Certification

Certifies that JPS Plastics and its quality management system consistently enhance customer satisfaction by providing products that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements.












Indian Institute of Packaging Award


Indian Institute of Packaging awarded us with INDIASTAR 2015 and 2017 award for Multilayer Woven Sack for Daawat Brand



Sleepwell Outstanding Performance Award


The Sleepwell Outstanding Performance Award recognizes achievements by suppliers in the areas of cost reduction, quality and delivery. We are proud to have been recognized no. of times by Sleepwell.



ISO-14001:2004 Certification 

JPS Plastics is proud to announce that we are now an ISO 14001 certified company! This globally-recognized certification acknowledges that the standards used throughout our entire operation will help ensure the reduction of our environmental impact on the planet.




HACCP Certified 

JPS Plastics is proud to announce that we are now an HACCP certified company! Our Quality Assurance representative commenced by investigating and completing a Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment to identify any areas of possible concern and subsequently implement preventative measures ensuring the safe preparation and operation protocols




SQF 2000 Certified 




BRC Certified 




Award for Packaging Excellence 2017 

JPS Plastics is proud to announce that we have recently receive the Award for Packaging Excellence 2017 by World Packaging Organisation.






INDIASTAR 2015 and 2017



Heinz Excellence Award

The Heinz Award recognizes achievements by suppliers in the areas of cost reduction, quality and delivery. We are proud to have been recognized no. of times by Heinz.




Heinz Star Vendor Award


The Heinz Star Award recognizes achievements by suppliers is one of the best vendor of the year. We are proud to have been recognized no. of times by Heinz.


        OHSAS 18001:2007 Accredited 

JPS Plastics is proud to announce that we achieved OHSAS 18001 accreditation for our health and safety management system. This new accreditation shows our clients that we are committed to continual improvement. By demonstrating our commitment to excellence, employees have seen that health and safety is kept at the forefront of the decision making process.




        WHO GMP Certified

JPS Plastics is proud to announce that we achieved WHO-GMP Certification (
Good manufacturing practice to ensure the products identity, composition, quality, purity and strength.





DIN EN 15592:2008 Certified 




IFS Pac Secure Certified 




ISO 22000:2005 Certified 


Company Profile


JPS Plastics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of HDPE/PP Woven Fabrics, HDPE/PP Woven Sacks / Bags & Multicolor Printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks and Bags for the last 30 years.

The company endeavors to serve the industry with optimum quality latest products available in the market at the most competitive prices. It is the quality of the products and the attitude of our company towards its customers that has helped it in scaling great heights.

The Groups well-trained and experienced staff and associates ensures that all the products are made from the finest material and adopts stringent quality control measures through out the production process.  

Over the years the company has earned goodwill, being an honorable member of organizations like, IIA (Indian Industries Association) and earned awards for excellence by reputed companies like Heinz, Sleepwell and GATI. it possesses a reputable clientele globally. 


JPS has a complete in-house manufacturing & testing facility that enables it to produce totally flawless and tough products. We present a complete range of products that include: 

  • HDPE / PP Woven Unlaminated / Laminated Fabric  
  • HDPE / PP Woven Unlaminated / Laminated Bags 
  • Paper Laminated HDPE / PP Woven Fabric
  • Paper Laminated HDPE / PP Woven Bags
  • BOPP Laminated HDPE / PP Woven Bags
  • HDPE Woven Tarpaulin Fabric 
  • Leno Fabric and Bags





We have a modern infrastructure spread across a vast area and well equipped with all requisite tools and latest machines. This hi-tech infrastructure enables us to meet the bulk requirements of our clients within specified time frame. Our entire infrastructure is segregated into various units such as manufacturing, quality assurance, R&D and warehousing which work in a perfect coordination to provide our clients a flawless range of Polyethylene & Polypropylene Packaging Bags


Our world-class infrastructure is characterized by latest technology, and an amiable working environment. The fully automated plant is equipped with GCL cutting and stitching machine for enhanced performance and productivity. Presently, we have production capability of 40 lakh bags per month. 


Our team of qualified technical and non-technical staffs are master of their trades and have vast experience in the field. They are given regular training to keep abreast with the latest technological developments in the industry.


We also have an in-house laboratory equipped with the most advanced testing facilities for HDPE bags and HDPE sacks. The latest testing equipment guarantees products that matches international standards of quality and reliability. Integrating our resources and technology, we can efficiently meet all the bulk and contingency requirements of our world wide clients. 


Tape Extrusion

Our Extrusion units at JPS Plastics; are state-of-the-art from LOHIA STARLINGER and GCL. These units equipped with gravimetric dosing ; mixing unit, in line gear melt pump for uniform flow through CLORENE / EDI Die, long Hot Air Oven for better molecular orientation even at higher line speed, hot oil unit for low shrinkage ; centralized computer system which allows various process parameters to be stored in memory as a recipe, which can be recalled immediately on request. These over qualified extrusion plants ensures that we produce tapes of high tensile strength with optimum elongation ; wide denier range with minimum possible var5iation which in turn is a prerequisite to produce quality; fabric for our buyers. This decisive extrusion technology comes alive in the skilled hands of our workforce to process over 115,000 kgs of polymer everyday on some 540,000 square feet of indoor production area. Tapes are wound by new generation inverter controlled cheese winders to produce even size bobbins; keeps uniform tension of tape throughout the bobbin. Quality checks begin from Tape-making. Every lot produced is checked for its Denier, Strength, Elongation and Color. 


The vital facility of lamination is; 1.5 meter wide coating plant, laminating both circular and flat fabric in thicknesses ranging from 15 to 80 microns. This lamination facility provides the capabilities of coating Two Million meters per annum length of fabric. The combination of technology; experience ensures no foreign particle going in-between fabric and the coating.



The wide range of circular weaving machine at JPS Plastics  are equipped with Microprocessor based loom controller, weft & warp break detection devices to produce over 750,000 meters length of fine & consistently even on the face of high quality fabric with almost negligible defect. Skilled workforce at JPS Plastics produces a wide range of consistent, astonishing  & extensive collection of synthetic woven fabric, ranging 60 GSM to 200 GSM ready to be turned into small bags for broad application & FIBC  for stringent applications. 


JPS Plastics firmly believe in keeping the fabric contamination-free therefore utmost care is taken so that fabric does not carry foreign particle or even a speck of dirt. To achieve this high level of fabric cleanliness, the winding section of JPS Plastics is covered with the canopy of fabric. 


The printing section at JPS Plastics is equipped with four & six color state of art printing machine, our six color Flex graphic printing machine makes the fabric come alive with sharp, even, non-fading prints – repeats after repeat.



The finishing section is planned for smooth workflow, neat & clean environment and  equipped with cleaning blowers. The intelligent, trained & dedicated workforce works as a team to deliver consistent quality product.


Over 500,000 small bags per day in addition to 10,000 FIBC a day make JPs Plastics one of the largest production facility for  small bag and fastest emerging for quality FIBC. JPs Plastics offers the best quality bags on competitive rates & cost-effective solutions for bulk packaging. 


These packages are packed with great care. Each batch of bags is packed in compact cuboids bales and fabric roll are stretch wrapped. which are duly marked. to be extra careful & the policy of adhering to quality, JPs Plastics has created additional layer of quality audit. Where a team of professionals randomly check bags from duly baled – ready to go bags. Any minor deviation in the drawn sample leads to entire lot to go back for re-inspection and segregation

Circular Leno Machine
















Quality Policy

Quality means doing the detail from the beginning, thus preventing failures in the end. Continuous improvement of the quality of processes lowers costs and increases productivity.


We believe avoiding failures is more important than eliminating defects. We apply methods and tools for preventive quality assurance systematically, learn from mistakes and eliminate their root causes without delay.


Our directives, processes, systems and goals are based on requirements from international standards, customer expectations, our knowledge and experience. Knowledge of and compliance with these directives and processes is the foundation of our quality. Our all units are certified with ISO 9001:2008. That means you will get assurance for quality.



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